Count: 40
Average Rating: 1.93
Average ABV: 9.02%
Favorite Beer: Rare Barrel Shades of Cool Pin C ( 4.0)
Most Common Brewery: Rare Barrel (5)
Beer Rating
Rare Barrel Shades of Cool Pin C 4.0
Hangar 24 Pugachev's Cobra 4.0
Rare Barrel Manhattan Fashioned 4.0
Mikkeller BA Træblod: MOLE 4.0
Sierra Nevada Maple Stout 3.0
Rare Barrel 4th Anniversary 3.0
Sierra Nevada Life and Limb 3.0
Modist Lord Humungus Brown Label 3.0
Weldworks Evil Pastry Stout Factory 3.0
Humble Forager Coastal Sunrise #5 3.0
Humble Forager Coastal Sunrise #6 3.0
Evil Twin Even More Xmas 3.0
Dogfish Head Wake Up World Wide Stout 3.0
The Bruery Autumn Maple 2.0
Granville Island Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale 2.0
Sierra Nevada Maple Scotch Ale 2.0
Rare Barrel Wagon Trix Firkin C 2.0
Jackalope Bearwalker 2.0
Fair State The Duke of Bakesfordshire 2.0
Copper Trail Jim Bunyan 2.0
Evil Twin Some People are Immune to Good Banana Stout 2.0
Mikkeller Beer Geek Vanilla Maple Shake 2.0
Rare Barrel Ensnare the Senses 2.0
Central Waters Pretty Fly for a Maple Rye 2.0
Invictus James 2.0
Starr Hill Last Leaf 2.0
Shipyard Maple Bacon Stout 1.0
Dogfish Head Immort Ale 1.0
Gilman Secret Brunch 1.0
Founders Frootwood 1.0
Mikkeller Træ Blod 1.0
Fieldwork Luke's Diner 1.0
Founders Curmudgeon's Better Half 1.0
Founders French Toast Bastard 1.0
Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale 0.0
Anchor Big Leaf Maple 0.0
High Water Sugaree Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie 0.0
New Glory Flippin' Good 0.0
Dangerous Man Double Cream Ale 0.0
Blackstack The Great Blackstack Bake Off: Blackberry French Toast 0.0