Count: 20
Average Rating: 2.55
Average ABV: 5.63%
Favorite Beer: North Triple Fruited Gose ( 3.6)
Most Common Brewery: Rare Barrel (5)
Beer Rating
North Triple Fruited Gose 3.6
Rare Barrel Bellatrix 3.4
Rare Barrel Melisma 3.1
Lynlake Tractor Beam 3.1
Rare Barrel Wagon Trix 3.0
Temescal Berry Boat 3.0
Epic Oak and Orchard: Cherry, Blackberry, and Black Currant 3.0
Gilman Blackberry Hibou 2.9
Modern Times Rowing Needles 2.8
Rare Barrel Dubious Intent 2.7
New Belgium Oscar Blackberry Whiskey Barrel 2.7
Rare Barrel Dubious Proposal 2.6
Grimm Future Perfect 2.4
New Belgium Blackberry Barley Wine 2.2
Old Stove Blackberry Sour 2.2
Jack Pine Berliner Weisse Kettle Sour 2.1
Gilman Blackberry Gearshift 1.8
Decadent Black Raspberry Cream Pop 1.7
Black Market Trade Craft Sour with Blackberries 1.5
Track 7 Everything Wrong and Right 1.1