Wooden Ship

Count: 23
Average Rating: 2.57
Average ABV: 5.47%
Favorite Beer: Soup Szn ( 4.0)
Favorite Style: Spice
Most Common Style: Spice (2)
Beer Style Rating
Soup Szn Spice 4.0
Well, We Chai'd Spice 4.0
Grapefruit Rosemary Saison Saison 4.0
Milk Stout Sweet Stout 4.0
LFB Golden Ale 3.0
Gloat Boat Braggot 3.0
The Wooden Lake Shanty Imperial Stout 3.0
Boing Fwip Gose 3.0
Is That Charline Brown? Golden Ale 3.0
Coffee Kölsch Kölsch 3.0
155 Beets Per Minute Sour 3.0
Runneth Up Stout 3.0
Too Cold For Mittens, I'm Switching to Gloves IPA 3.0
Weather Report American Pale Ale 3.0
Orange You Glad You're Going to Rosemary Me? Pale Lager 2.0
Whatever's Saisonal Saison 2.0
Winter Beer Smoked 2.0
A Normal IPA IPA 2.0
Bharata Brown Brown Ale 2.0
Roe the Boat American Pale Ale 1.0
WS Lite Pale Lager 1.0
Where Have I Bean Your Whole Life? Amber Ale 1.0
Secret Fishin' Spot Kölsch 0.0