Count: 65
Average Rating: 2.69
Average ABV: 8.23%
Favorite Beer: Hr. Friederiksens Væsel Brunch ( 5.0)
Favorite Style: Spice
Most Common Style: Imperial Stout (15)
Beer Style Rating
Hr. Friederiksens Væsel Brunch Imperial Stout 5.0
Disobedient Barley Wine 5.0
Cobbler Craft Double IPA 4.0
Did You Mist Me? Smoked 4.0
When Hazy Met Sally Double IPA 4.0
Mexas Ranger Spice 4.0
黑 / Black Imperial Stout 4.0
Real Estate Golden Ale 4.0
Bourbon Barrel Aged Beer Geek Brunch Imperial Stout 4.0
Wheat is the New Hops IPA 4.0
Limfjordsporter Baltic Porter 4.0
Crooked Moon Tattoo Stockholm Imperial Stout 4.0
George! Imperial Stout 4.0
BA Træblod: MOLE Imperial Stout 4.0
Plum Dumb Sour 4.0
Toasties Shake Imperial Stout 4.0
Scour Scandinavian Berliner Weisse 4.0
Beer Geek Flat White Sweet Stout 4.0
Whisky Barrel-Aged X Imperial Stout 4.0
Beer Geek Dessert Imperial Stout 4.0
Vesterbro Framboos Lambic 3.0
Blå Spøgelse Sour 3.0
Orange Yuzu Glad I Said Porter Porter 3.0
Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse - Peach Berliner Weisse 3.0
Black Hole Imperial Stout 3.0
Beer Geek Cocoa Shake Imperial Stout 3.0
SpontanLychee Lambic 3.0
Beer Geek Brunch Weasel Imperial Stout 3.0
1000 IBU Double IPA 3.0
1000 IBU Ultramate American Pale Ale 3.0
Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse - Passion Fruit Berliner Weisse 2.0
Beer Geek Big Blend Stout 2.0
Blue Hour Gose 2.0
Single Hop Simcoe IPA IPA 2.0
Not Just Another Wit Belgian White 2.0
Rustik Saison 2.0
Drinco de Mayo Premium Lager 2.0
Better Half IPA 2.0
Tripel Abbey Tripel 2.0
Oh Hi, Murk Double IPA 2.0
Staff Magician American Pale Ale 2.0
Yassss Kölsch 2.0
Beer Geek Vanilla Maple Shake Imperial Stout 2.0
Rubus of Rose Sour 2.0
Rauch Geek Smoked 2.0
Beer Geek Brunch Imperial Stout 2.0
Sally Blossom IPA 2.0
Haze Cadet IPA 2.0
Kihoskh IPA IPA 2.0
The American Dream Premium Lager 2.0
SpontanCherryFrederiksdal Lambic 2.0
Øl Nagelfar Barley Wine 2.0
Future Memories IPA 2.0
Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse - Raspberry Berliner Weisse 2.0
Amoeba IPA 2.0
Hallo, Ich Bin Berliner Weisse - Gooseberry Berliner Weisse 2.0
Waves IPA IPA 2.0
Windy Hill IPA 2.0
Ramen to Biiru Belgian Ale 1.0
That's a Paddlin Double IPA 1.0
Træ Blod Imperial Stout 1.0
Building Blocks Zwickel 1.0
Mosaic Double IPA 1.0
Big Worse Barley Wine 1.0
Misty Elliot Double IPA 1.0