Count: 32
Average Rating: 2.66
Average ABV: 7.88%
Favorite Beer: Olde GnarlyWine ( 3.5)
Favorite Style: Imperial Stout
Most Common Style: Double IPA (6)
Beer Style Rating
Olde GnarlyWine Barley Wine 3.5
Imperial Stout Imperial Stout 3.4
Cappuccino Stout Imperial Stout 3.4
Sumpin' Easy American Pale Ale 3.4
WTF Ale Brown Ale 3.2
Tuberfest Oktoberfest 3.1
Dark Swan Sour 3.1
Pils Pilsener 3.1
Hop Stoopid Double IPA 3.0
NightTime Ale Black IPA 2.9
Bitter Oats Double IPA 2.9
Sakitumi Specialty Grain 2.8
The Hairy Eyeball American Strong Ale 2.8
Born Yesterday American Pale Ale 2.8
Maximus Double IPA 2.7
Lucky 13 American Strong Ale 2.7
Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale American Strong Ale 2.7
New DogTown Pale Ale American Pale Ale 2.7
Aunt Sally Sour 2.7
Super Cluster Double IPA 2.7
A Little Sumin' Sumin' Ale IPA 2.6
Brown Sugga Barley Wine 2.6
Censored Amber Ale 2.5
Sucks American Strong Ale 2.5
The Waldo's Special Ale Double IPA 2.3
The Waldos Special Ale Double IPA 2.0
Doppel Sticky Altbier 1.9
12th of Never American Pale Ale 1.9
DayTime American Pale Ale 1.6
Stoopid Wit Belgian White 1.6
GravensTime Fruit Beer 1.3