Evil Twin

Count: 45
Average Rating: 2.76
Average ABV: 8.83%
Favorite Beer: Imperial Biscotti Break ( 4.0)
Favorite Style: Gose
Most Common Style: Imperial Stout (13)
Beer Style Rating
Imperial Biscotti Break Imperial Stout 4.0
Apricot Compote Sour Sour 4.0
Molotov Cocktail Heavy Double IPA 4.0
Lil' B Imperial Porter 4.0
Molotov Lite Double IPA 4.0
Geyser Gose Gose 4.0
Sumo in a Sidecar IPA 4.0
Even More Jesus Imperial Stout 4.0
James Beer Berliner Weisse 4.0
The Cowboy Smoked 4.0
Bible Belt Imperial Stout 4.0
If You Look for Perfection You'll Never Be Content IPA 4.0
Falco IPA 4.0
Imperial Doughnut Break Imperial Porter 3.0
Bozo Beer Imperial Stout 3.0
A is for Apricot Gose 3.0
Tropical Trappist Imperial Stout 3.0
Even More Xmas Imperial Stout 3.0
Most Men Pursue IPA With Such Breathless Haste That They Hurry Drinking It IPA 3.0
Nomader Weisse Berliner Weisse 3.0
Christmas Eve at a New York City Hotel Room Imperial Stout 3.0
Unstouttd Imperial Stout 3.0
Modern IPA IPA 3.0
Yin & Yang Black IPA 3.0
Yin Imperial Stout 3.0
I Love You With My Stout Imperial Stout 3.0
Low Life PIlsner Pilsener 3.0
Ryan and the Beaster Bunny Saison 3.0
Molotov Cocktail Double IPA 2.0
I Grew Up in NivÄ IPA 2.0
Your IPA is Crazy, But It's Not Crazy Enough to be True Double IPA 2.0
Some People are Immune to Good Banana Stout Imperial Stout 2.0
Tropical Itch Berliner Weisse 2.0
Sour Sun Saft IPA 2.0
Yang Double IPA 2.0
Soft DK Imperial Stout 2.0
Sunshine Slacker IPA 2.0
IPA is Like a Beautiful Melody, Only the Lyrics are Messed Up IPA 2.0
Retro Lil' B Imperial Porter 2.0
Old Fashioned Lemonade IPA 2.0
Oh, You Betcha IPA 1.0
One Day My IPA Will Have Something to Say About This IPA 1.0
Ashtray Heart Smoked 1.0
Raspberry Jelly Donut Even More Jesus Imperial Stout 0.0
Lemon Meringue Sour 0.0