Count: 11
Average Rating: 2.6
Average ABV: 6.59%
Favorite Beer: Konishiki Imperial IPA ( 3.7)
Favorite Style: Double IPA
Most Common Style: American Pale Ale (2)
Beer Style Rating
Konishiki Imperial IPA Double IPA 3.7
BĂȘte Blanche Abbey Tripel 3.1
Loser American Pale Ale 2.9
Zephyrus Pilsner Pilsener 2.9
Space Dust IPA 2.6
Night Owl Spice 2.5
Split Shot Sweet Stout 2.5
The Immortal IPA IPA 2.4
Bifrost Winter American Strong Ale 2.1
Dragonstooth Stout Foreign Stout 2.1
The Men's Room American Pale Ale 1.8