Dual Citizen

Count: 27
Average Rating: 2.67
Average ABV: 5.77%
Favorite Beer: Join Us On The Vista ( 4.0)
Favorite Style: Grodziskie
Most Common Style: Pale Lager (4)
Beer Style Rating
Join Us On The Vista Pale Lager 4.0
Szampan Grodziskie 4.0
Black is Beautiful Stout 4.0
Sip, Sleep, Repat Stout 4.0
Y'all Saison 4.0
Le Petit Biere Belgian Ale 4.0
Ryeteous Vibes Specialty Grain 4.0
Barrel-Aged Cromwell Baltic Porter 3.0
Gopher Long Pale Lager 3.0
Golden Greek Golden Ale 3.0
Caress Me, Brown Brown Ale 3.0
Hola, Beaches IPA 3.0
Sip My Grits Saison 2.0
Dueling Dangerously IPA 2.0
Rodeo Queen American Pale Ale 2.0
Mayhem and Mischief 2021 Barley Wine 2.0
Striving for Restraint Pale Lager 2.0
Luck of the Loons Helles 2.0
Cereal Crops Saison 2.0
Quincy Sour 2.0
Fated to Pretend Sour 2.0
Juice Tiger Sour 2.0
Cereal Money Stout 2.0
North Border Oat Porter Porter 2.0
MN Wild Rice Krispi Boi Pale Lager 2.0
Dreaming With Our Heads Cut Off IPA 2.0
Essential Industry Pilsener 1.0