Dogfish Head

Count: 29
Average Rating: 2.48
Average ABV: 9.83%
Favorite Beer: Fort ( 3.7)
Favorite Style: Golden Ale
Most Common Style: Imperial Stout (5)
Beer Style Rating
Fort Fruit Beer 3.7
Burton Baton Double IPA 3.5
Palo Santo Marron American Strong Ale 3.4
Higher Math American Strong Ale 3.4
Siracusa Nera Imperial Stout 3.1
Oak-Aged Vanilla World Wide Stout Imperial Stout 3.1
Beer To Drink Music To Golden Ale 3.0
Wood-Aged Bitches Brew Imperial Stout 3.0
World Wide Stout Imperial Stout 2.9
90 Minute Imperial IPA Double IPA 2.9
Raison D'Etre Belgian Strong Ale 2.8
Hellhound On My Ale Double IPA 2.7
Piercing Pils Fruit Beer 2.6
Namaste Belgian White 2.6
Indian Brown Ale Brown Ale 2.5
Festina PĂȘche Berliner Weisse 2.5
Punkin Spice 2.4
Chicory Stout Stout 2.3
60 Minute IPA IPA 2.3
Midas Touch Traditional Ale 2.3
Tweason'ale Specialty Grain 2.0
American Beauty American Strong Ale 1.9
My Antonia Imperial Pils 1.9
120 Minute Imperial IPA Double IPA 1.8
Aprihop Fruit Beer 1.7
Immort Ale Barley Wine 1.7
Saison du BUFF Spice 1.6
Miles Davis' Bitches Brew Imperial Stout 1.6
Olde School Barley Wine 0.8