Dangerous Man

Count: 51
Average Rating: 2.35
Average ABV: 6.6%
Favorite Beer: Danger Zone Dame ( 4.0)
Favorite Style: Belgian Ale
Most Common Style: IPA (9)
Beer Style Rating
Danger Zone Dame Sour 4.0
Det Svakt Fyret Øl Saison 4.0
Cranberry Cobbler Fruit Beer 4.0
Razzwah Sour 4.0
Dangerzone Brett and the Giant Peach Belgian Ale 4.0
Imperial Pluot Sour Sour 4.0
Big Passion Gose Gose 3.0
Nordic Key Lime Squeeze American Pale Ale 3.0
Ice Cream Cranberry Cobbler Fruit Beer 3.0
Sake Rice Lager Pale Lager 3.0
Watermelon Sour Sour 3.0
Peach Cobbler Fruit Beer 3.0
Raw IPA IPA 3.0
Apiary Drop Double IPA 3.0
Peanut Butter Porter Porter 3.0
Imperial Golden Rose Golden Ale 3.0
Baltic Porter Baltic Porter 3.0
House IPA IPA 3.0
Lithuanian Farmhouse Ale Saison 3.0
A Hourse of a Different Color - Lemon, Raspberry, and Orange Saison 3.0
Dark Mild Reserve Mild Ale 3.0
Almond Latte Double Stout Stout 3.0
Boku Berry Braggot Braggot 2.0
Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout Imperial Stout 2.0
Tangerine Vega Matcha Creamsicle IPA 2.0
Boysenberry Sour Sour 2.0
Grapefruit Brut IPA IPA 2.0
Kinda Colada IPA 2.0
Cara Cara Honey Gose 2.0
Tangerine Lassi Sour 2.0
Lemon Almond Frangipan Golden Ale 2.0
Mango Hef-Shake Hefeweizen 2.0
Guava Grapefruit Creamsicle IPA 2.0
Heady Nettle Gruit 2.0
Petit Pink Saison Saison 2.0
Mango Mango Cheesecake Fight Sour 2.0
Mint Chocolate Mousse Double Stout Imperial Stout 2.0
Slavica Sunflower Lager Amber Ale 2.0
Heirloom Sipper Pale Lager 2.0
Danger Light Saison 2.0
Everyday Hazer IPA 2.0
Cream Ale Cream Ale 2.0
Kölsch Kölsch 2.0
Café Miel Russian Imperial Stout Imperial Stout 1.0
Strawberry Julius MilkshakeIPA IPA 1.0
The World is Forever F'ing Upside Down Sour 1.0
Nutt'n But Buzz'n Imperial Stout 1.0
Stra-la-la-la-la-la IPA 1.0
3 Of Cups Pilsener 1.0
Double Cream Ale Cream Ale 0.0
Danger Lite Pale Lager 0.0