Clown Shoes

Count: 15
Average Rating: 2.87
Average ABV: 9.4%
Favorite Beer: Very Angry Beast ( 4.0)
Favorite Style: American Strong Ale
Most Common Style: Imperial Stout (6)
Beer Style Rating
Very Angry Beast Imperial Stout 4.0
The Barista American Strong Ale 4.0
Crunkle Sam Barley Wine 4.0
Blaecorn Unidragon Imperial Stout 4.0
Mango K├Âlsch Fruit Beer 4.0
Flight of the Angry Beast Imperial Stout 3.0
Hammer of the Beast Imperial Stout 3.0
Space Cake Double IPA 3.0
The Ballad of Minnie Quay Old Ale 3.0
Mango Kolsch Fruit Beer 2.0
Pecan Pie Porter Porter 2.0
Chocolate Sombero Imperial Stout 2.0
Tuscan Picnic IPA 2.0
Galactica Double IPA 2.0
Loonidragon Part 2 Imperial Stout 1.0