21st Amendment

Count: 21
Average Rating: 2.24
Average ABV: 6.28%
Favorite Beer: Back in Black ( 3.5)
Favorite Style: Black IPA
Most Common Style: IPA (4)
Beer Style Rating
Back in Black Black IPA 3.5
Tales from the Kettle: Not Your Cup of Tea Scotch Ale 3.4
He Said (Baltic Porter) Baltic Porter 2.8
Hell or High Watermelon Fruit Beer 2.6
Bitter American American Pale Ale 2.6
Sneak Attack Saison 2.6
Blah Blah Blah IPA IPA 2.5
MCA Stout Stout 2.5
5 South American Pale Ale 2.5
Old Glory American Strong Ale 2.4
Toaster Pastry IPA 2.3
Ales for ALS Amber Ale 2.2
Dankopotamus IPA 2.1
El Sully Pale Lager 2.0
Down to Earth IPA 2.0
Saison de Voile Saison 2.0
Fireside Chat Spice 1.9
The Conventioneer Golden Ale 1.7
Wild and Scenic Golden Ale 1.4
Mr. Poom's Thai'd House Ale Wheat Ale 1.3
He Said (Tripel) Abbey Tripel 0.7