Count: 34
Average Rating: 2.46
Average ABV: 6.39%
Favorite Beer: Stout of Circumstance ( 3.6)
Favorite Style: American Strong Ale
Most Common Style: American Pale Ale (4)
Beer Style Rating
Stout of Circumstance Sweet Stout 3.6
Bring It On Home American Strong Ale 3.4
Unlimited Devotion American Pale Ale 3.4
Smokestack Lightning Imperial Stout 3.2
Cole Porter Porter 3.1
Oysterhead Stout Dry Stout 3.1
Weather Report Wheat Wheat Ale 2.9
Promised Land Double IPA 2.8
Old Thunderpussy Barley Wine 2.8
Tweezer Tripel Abbey Tripel 2.8
Late Lunch Lager Dortmunder 2.7
Proving Ground IPA 2.7
Pride of Branthill English Strong Ale 2.7
High Time IPA 2.7
Land Lady Bitter 2.6
Golden Rabbit Golden Ale 2.6
Patchwork Amber Ale 2.6
Blue Bell Bitter Premium Bitter 2.5
Winter Warmer English Strong Ale 2.5
Piper Pale American Pale Ale 2.5
Sunburst Belgian Ale 2.4
Dark Star Mild Mild Ale 2.3
Madcap Spice 2.3
Chocolate George Sweet Stout 2.2
Kalifornia Kölsch Kölsch 2.2
Great Pretender IPA 2.1
Sara's Ruby Mild Mild Ale 2.0
Weekapaug Gruit Gruit 1.8
New Speedway Bitter Bitter 1.7
Spud Boy IPA 1.7
Tidewater 4-1009 American Pale Ale 1.6
Tillie's Union Ale Golden Ale 1.5
Prescription Pale Ale American Pale Ale 1.4
Bonnie Lee's Best Bitter Bitter 1.1